My skills

  • proficiency in translating and interpreting from English into Polish and reverse,
  • computer literate, 50 words per minute typing,
  • excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • caring for EAL children with learning difficulties from abroad,
  • teaching early years literacy and maths skills,
  • teaching the foundations of the English Language i.e., grammar, spelling, creative writing, comprehension and expanding vocabulary at KS1 Level,
  • helping children learn to read fluently using phonics,
  • providing accurate marking of students’ work and the final year assessment,
  • ability to stick to well-organized lesson plans and present ideas in an explicit, strightforward manner,
  • creativity in designing and delivering effective and fun lessons with the use of modern facilities.
  • supervising and taking personal and physical care of nursery children,
  • playing and interacting with kids, reading books, colouring, singing nursery rhymes and doing creative arts, reading bedtime stories. Organizing playtime at home,
  • warming up meals, feeding, bathing and dressing kids, taking them for walks,
  • picking up and dropping off at nursery or school,
  • high organizational skills,
  • driving a car.
  • the ability to work with vulnerable people, which requires commitment, gentle, warm and caring attitude.

My courses and training

My references